About IDSP

Institute for Development Studies and Practices (IDSP)-Pakistan is a National Institution with open Learning Spaces with the focus to achieve the mission statement:“To nurture and develop individuals and communities that will change the power structures by demystifying processes of Education and development and generate value based partnerships and practices at all levels”. Awleen Retreat Jun 2004

The purpose of IDSP’s Interventions is to reduce and eventually end the exclusion of majority of young people from mainstream Education and Livelihood opportunities in the country. More than 60% of Pakistan’s population is between 15-35 years in age,almost 80% of this huge majority is excluded from the meaningfully education and Livelihood processes and opportunities.

IDSP opens Learning Spaces for this young majority population to empower them for generating and regenerating responses to the existing challenges of Education, Learning,Livelihood, Peace and Pluralism.

These Learning Spaces are used for conducting theory and practice based courses on the themes of Community Development, Mainstreaming Gender and Development and Courses on Development Studies.

Related core thrusts of the institute are
1) Applying and synthesizing Research
2) Advocacy on Social and Educational Issues
3) Innovations in the field of Learning and Livelihood Development
4) Developing linkages with like-minded local-national and international organizations.

Core Values:

IDSP Evaluated its four Years(2001-04) of experiences of Programmatic Development in its Initial Retreat in the June 2004. The Retreat figured out core values and principals for the future journey of the space which are phrased as under.

1) IDSP is an open learning space, which believes that every human being is equal and has the potential to create, develop, produce, generate, vitalize and revitalize processes, thoughts and actions based on humility, humanism, trust, justice, truth, self and mutual accountability and transparency.

2) IDSP believes that regeneration of the spirit of culture and religion are part and parcel of human development, it generates resistance, nurtures spirituality and revive the essence of human interaction based on collectiveness, creativity and freedom.

3) IDSP believes that the dominant development notions ignores, deviates and do not acknowledge the richness of people’s knowledge, wisdom and creativity therefore it is imperative to relearn, regenerate, regain and reclaim the indigenous values, practices, processes and repressed knowledge based on local wisdom and knowledge.

4) IDSP denies the colonial logic of dominant development practices of modernity and education therefore tend to redefine the context and perspective using the blend of theory and practice as means.

5) IDSP believes that self growth and global understanding are two sides of the same coin and therefore understanding self and globe will lead to counter injustice, inequality, tyranny, oppression, exploitation, repressions, and racism from self, family, community to the globe

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