Programs & Projects

Academic Development Program

Academic Development Program offer courses for the young and motivated groups and individuals, who wants to practice their dreams and strive to contribute in the processes of social change through his/her direct or indirect involvement. The courses are mainly spaces of reflection, sharing, listening, demonstrating and arguing on different matters/issues which affect our lives in one . . . → Read More

Learners and Community Partnership Program

Learners and Community Partnership Program is one of the core programs of IDSP aiming to strengthen IDSP learners conceptually and enable them to work with their communities. IDSP has number of learners and having diverse experiences in different thematic areas. Learners across the Pakistan were engaged in IDSP courses where they got the education on understanding . . . → Read More

Child Protection Centers

The project “Improving Child Protection Measures by Involving Key Stakeholders Through Dialogues and Interventions” has jointly been initiated by IDSP Pakistan and UNICEF since July 2006.The project aimed at providing a protective environment to working and street children exposed in motor garages and streets of Quetta city. The project is also sensitizing the people, living in . . . → Read More

ZAANTH: An Innovative Project of Learning and Livelihood

IDSP was a leading national partner in a South Asian innovative joint action research venture of UNESCO for piloting the community based literacy, skill and economic empowerment education project for out of school Adolescents. IDSP was one of the leading partners in national Education Sector Reforms Program in the area of education policy and planning in 8 . . . → Read More

Mainstreaming Gender and Development in Balochistan (MGDB)

Institute for Development Studies and Practices Institute (IDSP-Pakistan) conceptualized and conducted theory and practice based course on “Mainstreaming Gender and Development in Balochistan since 2003. This was an innovative experience of engaging 220 young women of Balochistan from six districts. Their theory and practices generated themes, which includes political education, social organizing, understanding . . . → Read More

Disaster Relief

IDSP Pakistan has been actively providing support to communities affected by Natural Disasters. IDSP Pakistan has worked with 2005 Earthquake affected communities in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, 2008 Earthquake affected communities in Balochistan, IDPs in Pakistan and Recent Flood affected families and communities . . . → Read More

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