Academic Development Program

Academic Development Program offer courses for the young and motivated groups and individuals, who wants to practice their dreams and strive to contribute in the processes of social change through his/her direct or indirect involvement. The courses are mainly spaces of reflection, sharing, listening, demonstrating and arguing on different matters/issues which affect our lives in one way or another. The courses strive to uncover the mysterious and dependent model of development ,learning and livelihood which is being imposed by a certain part of world on all the people. These are residential courses help the learners to improve their concepts, analytical and practical skills to translate their dreams into concrete actions.
Beyond the long term theory and practice courses, the Program also conducts short course for various groups of the civil society which includes, Political activists, Journalists, social entrepreneurs, local youth and communities.
The program conducts synthesizing and applied researches around the various themes of development, education, culture and livelihood.
The program also publish the Quarterly Journal Urdu- Aksul-Amal which is distributed in the larger audience of learners and other relevant subscribers.

To access more information on courses conducted by IDSP through ADP program, please visit: Courses

ADP Program information can be found on their website:

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